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A professional photographer for over 15 years, Rebecca E. Eden and her award winning photography has been featured in Runner's World Magazine, Daily Candy, Michigan Avenue Magazine, WalkJogRunand Debi Lilly's lifestyle magazine for her world renowned event planning and boutique, A Perfect Event

Rebecca specializes in high end portraits of babies, children and families, as well as events, like weddings and parties. 

She approaches each photo session with a photojournalistic style, stemming from her earlier career as a newspaper journalist, but with a modern and fun twist. An eye for true beauty and real personality, Rebecca strives to capture the unposed, unexpected and unrehearsed fleeting moments of your life.

Located in the heart of Chicago and as an on-location photographer, Rebecca uses available, natural light. She can schedule your session in an available studio space, but when weather allows, she likes to be outside at the beach, in a favorite park or in a field where kids can romp and play -- and be kids!

During your photo session, expect and enjoy the unexpected! Rebecca brings loads of patience -- she is a single mom of 11-year-old triplets after all. She is ready for the unpredictable and creates photographs for you to cherish, images that tell a story about your life and your family as it is now. She considers her work to be art and hopes it is passed down and cherished for generations to come. 

As a young girl, Rebecca always had a camera in hand, ready to document the lives of her friends and family. Loved ones still rely on Rebecca to always have her camera, and she still does, it has just gotten a bit bigger, fancier and a lot more expensive than the one used during her childhood. Recently, Rebecca was going through some photographs at her parent's home when she found an image of her great-grandmother, Blanche Jackson, on a ladder, in heels and a dress, taking a photo of a forest fire. Rebecca realized that her love of photography must be in her genes, or in this case, a dress.

Rebecca believes that professional photography is a gift families should invest in, like piano lessons or a foreign language. Parents work dilligently to give their children incredible childhoods and as such, those years need to be documented and preserved. She also encourages parents (especially mothers!) to participate in the photo session and get in front of the camera, with their children. Children want to remember their childhood -- just as it is -- and that means professional photos with YOU in them. Just as you are: with a few extra pounds, messy hair and kids climbing on you. Because that is how your children will remember you and why they love you, just as you are. 

To the right is one of Rebecca's favorite professional photographs taken on her triplets second birthday. Rebecca didn't want - nor expect - to have her photo taken on that exhausting day (imagine getting three toddler in their terrible twos ready for a photo session!). But she is so thankful she did, because it accurately captures her life during that time --  with messed up hair, kids climbing on her but everyone (mostly) happy amid the chaos and fun.  

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Then sit back and relax. Play. Be yourselves and let your personality shine.

Rebecca considers it a true honor to capture your life with the click of her shutter.  

p.s. special thanks to Rebecca E. Eden's photo editor extraordinaire and fellow photographer Karin O'Brien who took the updated photographs of REE!